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2023.05.25 BellyKoonda

Belly Hole Freak, Koonda Holaa, 25.05.2023

25. Mai 2023 @ 21:00

Belly Hole Freak




* Soul Bounce:

The background of Belly Hole Freak sinks his roots in the most rural, raw and dirty blues. 

An instinctive and visceral sound enriched by different colours, rhythms and shades of boogie, rhythm’n’blues, country, bluegrass, mixed with a more Hard Blues Rock sounds, playing live shows with much energy and clear Rock’n’Roll attitude .

Among the artists of reference there are Howlin Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Robert Jhonson, Tom Waits and bands like Cream, Allman Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cactus, The Bluesbreakers to name a few.

Energy, introspective research, unconscious and spirituality, are among the main sources of inspiration, a channel of surreal communication, a free language, sometimes using  invented words but with such a concrete meaning given by a very expressive interpretation.

This is for Belly Hole Freak, the way to feel and live the BLUES, the way to break the mould, with full freedom, to give voice to the soul.

BHF is Massimiliano “Belly” on guitar, voice, handmade footboard stomp, Hi Hat, cymbals, Cowbell tamburine, Kazoo, anklets. All instruments are played simultaneously in his one man shows.


Koonda Holaa




From loop to loop, he delivers a hypnotic show that smells of sand and powder, combining grimy blues, poignant folk, and sharp personality.
Snake eater in the Mojave, touring member of Už Jsme Doma and the Residents,

He describes his work as psychedelic country/noir western. In his one man show, he uses a guitar and a looper to layer guitar and bass lines, which he completes with a magical voice in an extraordinary concert experience!

 A nomadic hermit transforming his truck into a mobile studio, 
Koonda Holaa has been involved in all battles and has been traveling the roads of Europe for thirty years and from America


Date: 25. Mai 2023
Time: 21:00
Cost: CHF10.00
Veranstaltung CategoryKonzert


Venue Name: Eldorado Bar
Address: Mattenstrasse 28
Biel, 2503 Schweiz

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